Installing Antec Tricool intake fan

I've bought this Antec Tricool 120mm fan:

and I want to mount it as an intake on the front of my Antec Two Hundred case. Should the Antec name on the fan face the front of the case or should the name face the hard drive?
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  1. It should face the front of the case...
  2. Yo, if you look at the fan there are 2 arrows on it. One is which way it spins (i.e left or right) the other directional arrow is the direction of the airflow. whatever way that arrow is pointing means thats the way the air is being pushed. Mount the fan so the arrow is facing towards your case. x
  3. The fan blades are curved to catch air and push it. The "cupped" face is where it catches the air and pushes it away from that surface. The Antec label, on the same side as the "cups" therefore should face the inside of the case, not the front.

    Edit: Just to make sure, went upstairs to check ..... 5 Antec cases ..... only the old Antec Lanboy has label facing front. All other boxes have have labels on the exhaust side (with the cups) matching the picture in ya post. Of course, the simple thing is to plug in it before ya install.
  4. I typically don't disagree with JackNaylorPE but my Antec TriCool installed in my Antec has the "label" facing out and is "sucking air in" on my side panel for GPU cooling. Chrissuperstar has the right info to review on the actual fan.

    edit: Interesting... I'll check the fans on my Antec 1200 but the TriCool installed on the side panel has label facing out.
  5. Plug it in and test it on your hand.
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