How to delete unused files in my hard disk?

I got a 1 tb hard disk which is partition to 3. I've been using this for 3 years now and they're almost full including the system C:\ so I tried to delete some garbage files from the those backup 2 partitions. Their size is both 400gb. I deleted almost 200gb on each of them but the properties saying i only got 4gb available space. I even check all the files inside of both partitions and they only got 200gb worth of files on each drive..

I already turned on the show hidden files on folder options.

My question is how can i free and use those space that I didnt use? I tried to defrag my drive but it didnt help.

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  1. defrag only gives a certain amount of extra space if any. I might would run windows disk cleanup which gets rid of unused unnecessary files.
  2. If you have system restore enabled for those drives, you can try decreasing the amount of space they use. You can also use disk cleanup to delete all but the last restore point.

    Also, give windirstat a try it shows a graphical map of your files and sizes making it easy to locate large files.
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