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Im trying to fix my brothers PC (Notebook ASUS N61D), because he´s old HDD were stuck. I´ve found another HDD, and tried to re-install win 7 on it. In the menu where I can choose where to install WIN 7 it doesn´t show any HDD, but only says "No drives were found. Click´load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation".

I´ve tried to format the HDD on another PC, and it went well, but in the other PC it cant find the HDD.

I dont know which driver I should download or what to do. I´ve been looking on ASUS´ website, but can´t find the driver.

The boot options in the BIOS says -> DVD-> HDD, which I found OK, when Im trying to install WIN 7 from my DVD.

Is there anyone who can help me, solve this problem ?

Thanks from Michael
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  1. You shouldn't need a driver for a hard drive. HDDs are low level devices and should be recognised (if working) by any system. If the drive is in fact working then it should be available in your bios.
    There should be an option in your bios named "Hard Drives" under the Boot Order option. By entering that option you should be able to select your First Hard Drive. The Disk selected as "First" will be the one available to boot from. But again, during the windows installation it is should not make a difference, both (if two or more) should all be available.
    The option you saw during the installation is used to install RAID drivers or any specialized controller drivers needed to access the disk. If in fact the port you have the disk connected to is a specialised port (for RAID) you will need to find the driver needed from asus/support. Since this is a laptop I doubt this is the case.

    The best thing to do is to connect the disk to a PC and see if window can recognize it. If the disk cannot be seen by windows, its probably just dead.
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