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Hi, I recently purchased a hyper n520 cooler for my phenom ii 965. While logging the temps at load for example running a game the temperature goes above 60c and as high as upto 66c but for a short period of time and it gradually cools down to an average of 55c. The safe temp for this cpu is 62c according to the specs.

So my question is can i keep running my system and face no harm or do i need to worry. Please note the temperature goes above 60 but gradually cools down within a few minutes and does not stay that high for long while still under load. Please let me know your insights..thanks a lot :??:

p.s I forgot to mention that i have oc'd the cpu from stock 3.4 ghz to 4.0 ghz..
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  1. Hi.

    Your temps are pretty high for be at stock speed with an air cooler. How do you applied the new TIM for install the cooler?
  2. Shouldn't be that hot. I'd recheck to make sure the cooler is seated correctly.
  3. The cooler is seated tight but while applying the TIM i think i made a few mistakes. I had a syringe of DOW CORNING thermal compound, when i tried applying it, it was too dry and wouldn't spread easy, so I further used the retail TIM that came with the cpu cooler over it. I think i applied too much and it got smeared over the edges of the cpu surface and the layer got too thick.

    Now I'm very disappointed cuz i don't know what went wrong, I bought this new cooler for 40$ and it turned out to be no different that my stock cooler. I know hyper n520 is a pretty efficient cooler but why is it not working for me. I feel like its a complete waste of money, please advice what should i do and thanks for paying attention to my problem.....:(
  4. Try some Artic Silver 5 Thermal Compound and start off with trying a dot just smaller than a pea. Push your heat sink down and wiggle it a bit just to help get rid of some air bubbles, then clamp/screw it down to secure it fully. Also keep in mind, thermal paste can take up to 200 hours to fully set and yield it's best results.
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