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Although I write business software for a living I am not knowledgeable about video requirements. My current computer is incapable of displaying smooth HD video full screen. What do I need by way of CPU and Graphics to achieve this?
I have a DSL feed into the house.


P.S. Hope this is not a repeat post. The "Ask the community now" box did not appear to be working.
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  1. What are the specs of your current computer? If your using something with an integrated gpu in the cpu than its probably not gonna handle hd well. But the requirements for hd isnt very high, in fact basically any dedicated video card will run hd perfectly.
  2. CPU: Pentium 4 - 2.80 GHz. 1 Gig RAM.
    Display: MS-StarForce GeForce FX 5200 (Nvidia GeForce FX 5200) - 128MB AGP

    Internet: AT&T DSL.
    Speed Test yields: 5539 kbps

    Problem is watching sports on ESPN.com and various soccer feeds.
    Not too bad in a small window; but full screen the resolution is awful and it keeps pausing.

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