GTX 460 very low Graphics benchmark score - help?

I seem to have something odd going on.

First my spec's

Vid card - GTX 460 768mb
Processor - AMD Phenom x4 9600
MB - Asus M3N72-D
Ram - 4gig
OS - Vista 64

Nvidia Drivers - I'm running the latest beta that are out there.. 260.63
I ran drivesweeper before installing them and picked the "clean install" option in the driver install program.

3D Mark Vantage score - P9086
CPU - 21818 ?!?!
Graphics - 7607 ?!?!

Those scores pretty much tell the story. The CPU score seems ungodly high considering what the CPU us and the graphics score very low considering what it is.

So far, it backed up by what I've been seeing. FPS in BFBC 2 around 20-something.. same with MW2 - usually running both on high but with stuff like AA turned off or at lowest setting.

Honestly, putting the setting in BFBC2 to low, med or high doesn't seem to effect the fps much.


Any thoughts on what the problem is?

Its not really doing any better than my old 8800GT - and in some cases not as good. :(
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  1. Considering that the CPU score is greatly increased if PhysX is enabled, that's not even a very good CPU score.

    I'm going to guess there is something not quite right. I'd start by reinstalling your drivers, and doing a clean sweep of old drivers not in use, such as older ATI drivers if you changed from one.

    Next, if that doesn't work, I would run GPU-Z and make sure your card is running at PCIe x8 or x16.

    If that doesn't work, you might check memory and or PSU.
  2. Whats your PSU mate? Maybe struggling to cope with the system and GPU..
  3. The 460 w/768MB is a dog.
    It's slower than 4850.
    You need the GTX460 w/1024MB it's a whole different vidcard...
    Yeah you might as well have kept your 8800GT.
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