New PCI-e Device - Computer Restarting

Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong place - I think this may be related to Bios settings but not sure.

I've just purchased a Blackgold BGT3600 TV Tuner. This is a PCI-e card - and needing a 6 pin power connection from the PSU.

I've got a GA-MA78GM-DS2H motherboard.

I've had no problems previous to the installation of the card. Having installed (which wasn't straightforward given how the motherboard sits in my Antec Fusion case) I'm finding that I'm getting random restarts.

Eventually got around to installing drivers but the restart continues - with and without the 6 pin connection in (only needed for satellite - so meant to work without).

I'm also now finding that the card is not appearing in device manager despite reseating it.

Not sure how to locate the problem. Is there any way of checking whether the card is sharing an IRQ?

Any help much appreciated!
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  1. Random restarts can be caused by an underrated PSU. The tuner card could be sucking it dry.
    What PSU do you have?
  2. Thanks for the responses.

    Unfortunately no spare PCI-e slot (only have one PCI-e slot x1).

    Not had the problem before inserting the card (or after since removing).

    As for the PSU - it's a Corsair 450W VX Series PSU - ATX12V v2.2. I would have thought that would have been ok wouldn't it? I've got a couple of fans in the HTPC so wouldn't have thought heating would be a problem.

    Mmmmm.....not so sure....
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