NZ PC Build!

Approximate Purchase Date: Before December ? If Sandy Bridge looks like its coming out in January may wait

Budget Range: 1500NZD - Including EVERYTHING except OS - Mouse/Keyboard/Monitor/actual PC.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming (Not high spec most likely)

Parts Not Required: Operating System

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: MUST USE THIS SITE!! (NZ prices for parts):
If the part is in my country, its in GearBot.

Country of Origin: New Zealand. No Newegg or anything allowed!

Parts Preferences: I would like a CM Storm Scout / HAF 922 / DF30 or DF 35 case - They look GREAT. Probably cannot afford an intel processor without downgrading the graphics card which is the most important. Sidewinder X6 and G500 mouse look nice.

Overclocking: A little (3.5~3.6ghz tops)

SLI or Crossfire: If i can fit it into my budget.

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080P. If you can fit 1920x1200 into budget you are a legend.

Additional Comments: I've made my own build and would like to see if there is a better one out there for a similiar or lesser price. You MUST use to find prices, just chuck in the PC part you are thinking of for my build into the search function on that site and it'll give the lowest price available in new zealand - if any store here sells it!

Here it is:

Motherboard: M4a87TD $155
Processor: Phenom II 955 $207
Case: CM Storm Scout: $163
PSU: Antec Neo Eco: $87
Graphics card(s): GTX 460 768MB $235
Hard Drive:Samsung Spinpoint f3 $58
RAM: Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 $146
Monitor: 22” Full HD $223 LED (Cheapest one available @ 22" full HD).
DVD Writer: Liteon 24x - $31
Mouse: G500 $88
Keyboard: Sidewinder X6 $87

Total: $1480.
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  1. A fellow kiwi eh? :hello:

    One thing I hate about shopping for parts online here is having to compare several different sites for one item, then working out which one is the least dodgiest. But anyway, after much slogging, here's what I've come up with:

    Case: Antec 300 $88 - Sorry, but less money on case means more money in places that matter

    PSU: Antec Neo Eco 520W $88

    Hard Drive: Samsung Spinpoint f3 500GB $68

    DVD Writer: Liteon 24x - $31

    Motherboard: M4a87TD $155

    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 925 2.8GHz $185 - No point in getting the 955 if your only going to 3.5 GHz

    RAM: Kingston ValueRam 2x2GB $103 - Don't need 1600MHz RAM

    Graphics card(s): GTX 460 768MB $235

    Keyboard: Sidewinder X6 $97

    Mouse: Mx518 $45

    Monitor: Samsung Wide 2443BW+ 24" 1920 X 1200 $400 - Seriously nice monitor, I know this because all of the computers in the Geography department at Canterbury University use this model and I've probably spent around 50 hours in-front of one doing GIS assignments this past term.

    I think that just squeezes in under $1500


    You can do what I do and use US Unlocked and have them buy stuff for you off newegg, then they ship it here. Way better than having to deal with several different re-sellers here, and you'll always come out better even after shipping. The only thing I would buy here is the case, monitor, keyboard and mouse since they are pretty bulky to ship, or the same price.
  2. mosox said:

    Hey buddy, alpha city has atrocious prices on most of those parts.
    Except for 1-2 parts which are <$5 from the cheapest price, the mobo is $20 more than other shops, and most parts are 5-10 more than from other shops.

    Even after shipping its more expensive.

    Not sure i want the 6850 compared to the 460 unless prices rocket down around 40~
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