SD micro Card not Formatting - please help


Just purchase a scandisk Ultra 32GB SD card for my samsung tablet. Trying to format on tablet without success it recognises it but cannot mount. Tried on my Laptop Window 7 and Office PC Window XS - same message windows cannot format.

Have tried going in by disk Management - same.

Want to save movies on SD card to watch on tablet. Is my SD card corrupt and can anyone suggest a good SD card that wont have this hassle. Any suggestions welcome!!! Thank you
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  1. Most likely a bad card, even though SanDisk is supposed to be a reliable brand.
    Get it exchanged where you bought it.
  2. Before you exchange that, try formatting with SD Formatter.
  3. Many reasons can result in unformat problem. Data lost, virus attack and etc. ... According to your description, it sounds like data lost. You can try 4Card Recovery.
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