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What could be "bottle necking" my PC?

Well, I have a pretty powerful gaming rig and I just bought a 4890 for about 120$, which is a great price for such a card. The graphic card has no issues what-so-ever, I was checking benchmarks and on games like Crysis. I only get around 23fps average with all very high settings, x0 AA (no AA otherwise) which I know from looking at many videos and benchmarks, my card should be getting much better than that. As the TH community is probably very familiar with, Crysis is that "ultimate" benchmark/game to show off your FPS, but I definitely tend to play other great games with the card, but I want full potential from it.

The card when idle is around 56C max, the card when active reaches around 65 max, so that's clearly not the issue.

The specific name for my 4890
XFX Radeon HD4980 1gb DDR5, chip 0x9460

My specs
Windows 7 Ultimate x86 (32bit)
XFX Radeon HD4980 1gb DDR5, chip 0x9460
2.5GB DDR2 Ram Both clocked at 667 (Which is what I think is the issue.)
AMD Phenom II x4 820 (2.8ghz)
250gb Sata 7200RPM Maxtor hard drive
650W Blue LED power supply (which should be more than enough for this card)

So yeah, is it the ram bottle necking my PC or something else? I want to know what I should be saving up on, a new motherboard and 6gb DDR3 ram or something else.

Anyways thanks to anyone who helps, I just signed up to this forum and from what I know it's a great community.

[Edited to post, forgot a few details.]
Oh, and just doing a quick look around, if this topic is in the wrong spot please move it.
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    If you can, add more RAM. 4GB are recommendable.
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    If you want to take advantage of more ram you'll need a 64 bit operating system. 2.5 GB of RAM seems like and odd number. I'm guessing you have more than that installed and then different hardware is eating pieces of the 4gb of available memory space? 1GB for the GPU, plus whatever else you have plugged in.

    There's a couple of things limiting you in terms of comparing yourself to other Crysis benches. Your CPU is @ 2.8, which isn't bad, but most people posting benches are most likely 3+. And may not even be on a PII. The other thing is that the PII 820 only has 4mb of l3 cache. Better than the Althon quads, but prolly shaves a frame or 2 off when compared to the PIIs with a 6 meg cache.

    Plus what you've already said, you have slow RAM.
  3. Alright so if ram is definitely the case, how would the below items do with modern gaming?

    OCZ Gold series 4gb 2x2gb DDR3 PC6400 memory kit

    Biostar A770E3 Socket AM3
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  5. You didn't list your current motherboard. The easiest thing to do would be to buy 4GB of DDR2 800 or DDR2 1066. Depending on what your mobo supports.

    This would help a lot if your current RAM is piece meal of different sizes and types.

    But don't forget you'd need a new version of Windows. Microsoft has started different upgrade options. Check it out and see if they'd let you switch to a 64 bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate for a small fee.
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