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My Hd 4770 will no longer play games ie Oblivion/ Dragon Age at high quality. I noticed this after an update though this might not have been the catalyst as i have not played them I quite a few months. The games recommend running at a low setting and I know they used to run at high. I have tried rolling back/uninstalling/reinstalling drivers but to no avail. How do I fix this or at least trouble shoot?
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  1. I've never seen a driver prevent modifying graphic settings before. So its impossible to go into the game and change the settings from there? Some games I play sometimes recommend settings for my card but I'm still able to change it in game.
  2. The game does not prevent me from changing the settings but when i do there is no visual change to the quality. I have tried changing the settings in ccc as well but no joy. Cheers for the quick reply as well.
  3. Last time I installed ATI drivers I had to go into the CCC and reset all my settings. Something in the install set everything to max settings and over rode my in-game settings. Go in and select "let application decide" .
  4. swiftly_morgan, Thanks for that, all my setting had been changed after the last driver reinstall. I ticked the boxs "let application decide" and the game is crystal clear again. Time I think for some late night gaming!!! Cheers!
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