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Help finding the CORRECT not compatible driver for MS-6533e VER 10B

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September 20, 2010 10:28:57 PM

HI Everyone,

Been doing this C**p for 2 days now and would appreciate a bit of help. I did a re-install on a fairly old computer, it running a P4 2.4Ghz with 40GB HDD and 2GB Ram(which I upgraded from 512) with onboard VGA.

Ive installed Windows 7 on it, windows & has picked it up as Standard VGA Grapchics adaptor.

Having tried to update it online its Windows 7 still says its the most up to date driver blah blah blah, problem is that I doubt this is correct driver as it only gives 800x600 screen resolution, this things old but its not ancient.

So Naturally I checked out the mobo, its an MSI one, i tried googleing it(no go), then I tried the Live update, dosn't even detect the board(well done MSI!!!)

The chipset is the SIS 651 via (PC Wizard),
Mobo Model number(from board) MS-6533e VER 10B

Im at a dead end, can someone please help me turn a 5 Minute job back into just that

PS Also can someone tell me where XP keeps it drivers, i.e A file that I could have and should have saved before I decided to...........give myself a headache!
September 28, 2010 12:28:40 AM

I tried it gave me compatibility errors, so I ran its as a Vista program, came back with an error.

I even tried the Have disk driver overide by selecting the driver file, display died on re-boot after boot screen.

I contacted MSI regarding the issue, they passed the buck to SIS, still awaiting a reply. SIS say to contact the manufacterer and not them

Ive decided to install a cheap AGP card instead, should have done that in the first place, sometimes its just takes too much time and effort to find the right driver.

If MSI do reply to me slammimg them regading support for their products, I will post the details here if anyones in the same boat.

The lengths we go 2....
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October 26, 2010 7:40:52 PM

Vista and Windows 7 killed off a lot of compatibility for older hardware. NForce drivers for one, you can't get NForce 2 drivers to work in vista let alone Win7
October 27, 2010 1:36:00 AM

Thanks Guys,

Sheer Laziness from the MSI/SIS guys to update the drivers for Windows 7. They did it for Vista(what a great OS, not)

I stuck an AGP card in it at the end, just easier then trying to fnd an obsolete driver.