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Abit Confused about this "SLI" bridge

Hey all, i've been looking into this site alot and have been able to find answers for nearly everything I would've had to ask, but for this issue there's something I think needs a more specific asking.

Here's the situation, i've got a PC that's got a SLI mobo, and i've got two EVGA GTX 470's that i'm going to link up using a SLI bridge. Unfortunately I didn't get a bridge with my PC (as I put in the 2nd GTX 470 on my own from another computer) So when looking into getting a bridge, my buddy gave me this MSI SLI bridge:

Now from that site it says it's a SLI bridge, my buddy assures me that he got it with a SLI mobo he purchased and some other friends of mine said it should work as it's packaged with a SLI board (I don't know the board specifically)

The only problem that concerns me is that plainly on the bridge is says "MSI Multi-GPU Cross Fire Video Link Card"

So mainly what I need to know is whether or not this will work properly as it should, as a SLI Bridge, or if I put it on, will it just do nothing in terms of performance increase?

Also, note that the bridge does fit perfectly and snugly on the cards.

Any help or input is appreciated and thank you in advance.
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    IIRC the SLi fingers and CF fingers are not the same size but I don't recall which one is larger or smaller, that said my SLi bridges have "SLi Bridge Connector" printed on them.
  2. Ah ok, so then seeing as the bridge connects completely and is snug on the card, would it be a safe assumption that it might just be poor labeling on the bridge? Or should I play it safe and order a legit one off the web?
  3. You could give it a go but I have no idea whether using a CF bridge on Nvidia cards will damage them or not.
  4. I doubt that Crossfire bridge is mislabeled. You need a proper SLI bridge to connect the graphics cards, preferably a bridge made by the same manufacturer as your motherboard.
  5. Alright, i'll just go ahead and order a proper one, in the meantime i'll just run them without the bridge and hope the new one arrives in good time. Thanks for the advice guys.
  6. Alright, I looked into the Different sizes and it seems the SLI bridges are 26 pins on each socket and the CrossFire ones are 40 pins per socket. That being said the one I got is definitely a CrossFire (which I figured, but naively hoped it wasn't) But luckily I managed to snag a proper ASUS SLI bridge to go with the cards and my ASUS mobo :bounce:

    Thanks again all!
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