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New built Computer Wont Turn ON!

Hi i bought a tempest evo case from ncix for 60$ ( was on some nice sale) and i installed everything but when i push the button to turn it on nothing happens. The power button wire end is like some 2 mini holes that plug into a slot on the motherboard with 2 needles. The thing is that i have nothing on my motherboard that has just 2 needles so i just put it in some random needles i see on my mother board but still doesnt work. no fans no nothing turns on. So i break open my old case and take out the power switch and plug it in the motherboard. (has like 8 needle holes or so and the motherboard has a slot for it) and it turns on. i was wondering was it the case problem or is it that i need a new or better motherboard with the 2 pin slots? HELP! ) :
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  1. I think your problem is where you've connected it to 'random needles'. Find the motherboard and case manual and learn exactly where the pins go and connect them to the right ones.
  2. Read the MoBo will tell you where to connect the leads.
  3. Some people have no business in the DIY world. OP included.
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    daship said:
    Some people have no business in the DIY world. OP included.

    Everyone starts somewhere and thanks to THF, OP will get it together.

    OP - little things matter when putting together a build. Read all directions and save all boxes/manuals for reference.
  5. RTFM!
  6. lol i bought my computer from a store (HP) so i dont have the manual ) :
  7. Download the manual from the website of your motherboard, they should have it, if they dont - google it :D
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