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So I have this combo-
GA-MA785GM-US2h rev 1.1
AMD 435 X3

I had made a post before with issues with green artifacting after youtube videos and artifacting for flash images. This happened only after I unlocked my cpu, so I attributed it to a bad core and locked it back up. I got a new PSU and the hyper 212+ so I decieded to give it another shot. I tried something different this time though, I put EC firmware to Hybrid and ACC to auto like before, but then I disabled all the cores that I could, leaving me with the one that I could not disable. To my surprise the green artifacts were still there, just as bad as before. So now I am starting to think it is something to do with my motherboard or something in my OS that doesn't like the firmware switch(using Windows 7 Professional 64bit). Any suggestions as to what can cause this besides a bad unlock.

Here is an example of the artifacting(all settings at stock volts no OC)-
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  1. Artifacting is normally a video problem if anything. Have you tested your GPU?

    The only other thing I can think of is that it does have bad cores and possibly when you unlocked it it could have burnt out something on the mobo.
  2. The video card is fine, I replaced the old one with a GTX 460. Also, when Hybrid firmware is disabled the artifacting goes away.
  3. OK this is just a guess that just makes sense in my head anyway, either the primary core that you cannot deactivate manually is the faulty one that is locked when you turn ACC off or is there L3 cache that has unlocked that is causing the instability.
  4. Have you stress tested it unlocked with 1hr OCCT and 8hrs Prime95?

    You may need voltage increase for total stability and it may help with your problem.
  5. beanoslim said:

    You may need voltage increase for total stability and it may help with your problem.

    My thinking as well. I have an unlocked Rana 445 and would get artifacts, generally while playing videos . Bumping my voltage solved the issue.
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