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Well I finally took the plunge and ordered my first case. It was a Silverstone Raven 02. I prefer the style of the silverstone and lian cases and how they have sleekness exuding from them. But there is one problem with this case. It is extremely long! I know its a full tower and I should have been prepared but wow is it long.

Does any one have an opinion on this? I am wondering what people think of this case in comparison to other cases like the haf 932 and the cosmos 1000. Size wise where does it rank and how big do you think is necessary versus excessive. (I am currently not sli'ing or water cooling. Though I do want a case with good airflow that fits my massive scyth heat sink.
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  1. I upgraded from an Antec 300 mid to the Raven 02, and I love it. I personally don't mind the length, but in reality, it's only a few inches longer than my previous case. I could fit my Titan Fenrir in my Antec with no issues, so I doubt yours wouldn't fit.

    Most other cases are the same height or taller than this one due to their design: the intake fans are on the front of the case, not on the bottom. They'll all get about the same cooling (the HAF and others may get more because there are simply more fans). However, the Raven does it with more efficiency, resulting in fewer fans and much less noise (my Antec was cramped and super noisy).

    I absolutely love the thermodynamic design of this case (I'm an engineer and a computer nerd; this was like the best of everything for me ;)). My External Exhaust model GTX 460s are perfect, because everything that generates heat in my computer is exhausting upward, and my computer requires very little effort to keep the case temps low. Plus, it looks a lot bigger than other cases, so people are somewhat intimidated. :)
  2. Wow. The Silverstone Raven 02 is even deeper than the ATCS 840 I'm trying to downsize from to something like an Antec 300 (I've got another thread about that), so obviously for me it would be excessive. If you've got a long expansion card of some kind, it might be necessary for you though.
  3. The only reason it's long is because it needs to fit 3x180mm fans on the bottom. Most cases have the vertical hard drive fans so they're taller instead of longer.
  4. Yeah I am just trying to figure out if it will work in my dorm. I like the look of it but its just so massive. Also one thing I really liked about the cosmos case is that it has though aluminum handles coming off of it so it looks nice to carry. Not that I will move this every where but it will move some.

    One problem with mid sized cases for me is that my scyth heat sink wont fit in them. Where do you guys keep your cases? under your desk? on your desk? center piece of the room?
  5. Mine is under my desk; I doubt it would work on most desks as it's ~30-40 lbs :)

    What model heat sink do you have?
  6. the Scythe SCMG-2100 Sleeve CPU Cooler. Works amazingly well for the price. But its massive.
  7. It's only only 158mm; that's not *that* big for a heat sink. Mine is 156mm and it fit in my previous Antec 300.
  8. Its the biggest I have ever used. IDK I love the Raven Case and its just so well thought out and designed. I jsut wish it was about 2-3 inches shorter.
  9. It's about as short as they can really make it; the length is due to just 3x180mm fans + the front panel. It is long, but it's for a great reason. I also think it looks better than some of the other cases out there for the same price (932 HAF, Antec 1200, etc).
  10. No I know I am just saying that for dorm life I am question wether I will want a case this large. That is the problem I am coming across personally. I love the design of this tower and the ventilation (180mm fans) make this case a prime contender for cases going for low temps without going to liquid systems. (Though this one can do that as well) But people think I should keep this case then?

    I got it for only 120 so it was a bargain to say the least its jsut the size that is intimidating me. And to be honest the ridicule of taking this to college next year. Not that I care that people know I play games and like to work with computers. I just dont want to advertise it every time some one enters my dorm.
  11. I think the pros (good price, more room, better airflow) outweigh the cons (size (not that much bigger than other full towers), attractiveness (con?)). This is a great case that you'll never have to replace unless you physically break it.

    I love showing the design off to people, but if you don't I guess that's your prerogative.
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