Hey Guys,

A VERY quick question,

I have a 9800GX2 and have just ordered a 5870 as an updated replacement, what I need to know is, will the 8 pin connectors on my GX2 be the same thats needed for the 5870?

Or will I get the necessary connectors in the box?

I am new to all this and I have no clue? Just want to be sure my new card will be ready to go straight out of the box!!!!

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  1. Power connectors are a universal standard, both Nvidia and ATi have to use the same type.
  2. So in oterwords thats all good then? So the PSU I have now will do the trick?!
  3. Yes, if it can run a GX2 then it can run a 5870.
  4. Thanks for your help mousemonkey, means a lot, cool can't wait to get this new card!!!!
  5. You're welcome.
  6. Hey Mouse Monkey,

    I asked a question last week regarding the swapping over of a 9800GX2 to that over a 5870 Radeon regarding the power requirements, and you informed me there would be no problem regarding the PSU and connnections etc.

    I have ordered the Sapphire 5870 Eyefinity 6 with 2gb RAM and wanted to know if it will still be a simple swap over regarding the power supply, as I am a NOOB and have no idea if my PSU will have the necessary 8 pin connections?! This worries me a bit, and also my monitor does not have a DVI port, only a DSUB connection, again will I get a suitable connection in the box or will I have to buy an additional cable to supply an image to my PC?!

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give, this card is currently on its way to me as I send you this and I just don't want to be left with a card I cant use, or more to the point, with a card I have to spend more on to be able to use!!!!!

    ANY info or advice you can give would be very much appreciated!!!!

  7. Holy smokes,

    Firstly, before I go into the power requirements, is there any reason you got an eyefinity 6 when you only have 1 monitor? That seems like a waste of money.

    Now the PSU. The 9800gx2 took quite a bit of juice. I think if your PSU ran your gx2 just fine, that you'd be OK.

    Just to be certain, I'd double check what's written on the PSU itself. Check for total wattage and amperage across all the 12v rails added together.
  8. If your PSU does not have the required connectors then you will have to use the adapters that should come with the card along with the DVI > VGA adapter.
  9. Well looking at the PSU its an 800w BFG with what I think says is 37amps on a 12 volt rail?
  10. For an Eyefinity 6, you can buy a regular 5870 and a much better monitor. I think you should consider those options if you can refund your card.
  11. Thanks, I have looked at what comes in the box in pictures on various websites, and I do already have a DVI adapter plugged into the back of my 9800GX2 which then goes from there into my DSUB cable into my monitor, so I assume I take one of the new connectors and just fit it the same way?!
  12. That or use the one you already have.
  13. Yeah edifice, you should be all set. Your PSU is definitely powerful enough and you have the connectors you need.
  14. Thanks guys, thanks for all your help, these forums are brilliant!!! Will let you know how I get on!!!

    Thanks again!!!!
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