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5770 or 4890

Hello, I am thinking of upgrading to a new card and don't want to spend $300 so I thinking a 5770 but I see that the 4890 has better performance but so I was wondering if what one i should get. I am using a 32in tv and I want to get my screen res to 1920 so which one is better also if you have any other ones you think i should get go ahead and saw.
ps: i only have a 500watt power supply.
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    The HD 4890 has better performance and consumes a little more than 2x the power than the HD 5770; approximately 130w.

    It lacks DX11, so if DX10.1 is good enough, then get the HD 4890.
  2. So the 4890 should run good at 1920 also got any good sites to get it at the have cheap shipping to Canada.
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