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I very recently bought components for a new computer (did not receive them yet) and after paying I've already found a possible problem with my build and I'd like to get your opinions on the solution (if there is in fact a problem).
The CPU is an Intel Core i5 760, the video card is a Radeon 6870.
I've bought this chasis:

and this PSU:

I didn't do my (or any) research well enought it seems and now I realize that the PSU will be mounted at the bottom of the chasis (not the top as I expected) and as such the PSU will draw air from the inside of the case. Now the case has another two fans that suck air out of it, located on the top of the chasis and at the back.
I would like to ask: would the PSU drawing air from inside the bottom of case cause ventilation problems? do I need to add extra fans that draw air at the front of the case?
I'd like to mention I don't intend to overclock.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  1. The PSU needs to be mounted with the fan UP in that case. Not fan down as in a top mount. It will still exhaust hot air.
  2. Thank you for your reply,

    I was definitely going to mount it with the fan facing up, but I was wondering if I actually needed any extra fans (i.e. if this 3 fan configuration - sucking air out would be a problem for this system) .
  3. No it will not be a problem. Bottom mounting the PSU just allows for cooler air to pass through it as opposed to when top mounting it. Also many modern cases come with top mounted fans.....this being more efficient than allowing the PSU to do the work.
  4. That's great to hear, I feared I needed to add some fans to actually bring some air into the case, but if three fans getting the hot air out of the case are a good combo then all is good.

    Thank you again for your replies,
  5. Not sure about the 200 ...I have used the 300-900-902 and my 1200 in many builds and if it has a spot for a front fan I would add one. Antec Tri-Cools are what come with these cases and are 3 speed and nearly silent on low. You may have a spot for just 1 in that case and I would add it just for hard drive cooling if nothing else. The led versions of those fans are about $15US and the plain version is about $10 if I remember right. You do need a bit of inflow but you want more outflow than inflow.
  6. I have two spots for intake fans at the front, I'll add one and all will be well.
    I've tried to dance around it, but you're right .. I'll just add one and sleep well at night.

    Thanks again, you've been really helpfull.
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