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Hello everyone i bought a system for gaming 4-5 months ago i just wanted to ask other ppl about how my rig is
Here is my system:
AMD-Phenom II X6 1055T @4GHZ
OCZ-2X2GB Gold edition 1600MHZ DDR3 CL8 1.65V
ZALMAN-CNPS10X extreme
was aprox. 1300$
i builted it myself
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  1. Very good. How's that RAM?
  2. Yeah, OCZ Gold has had a bit of a history of late, but you'd think they might have resolved those issues by now?

    Also, at Aluqard - To assess any system, one really needs to know the usage requirements. So, what's this system gonna be for?

    Here's the deal though - If it's for gaming, that CPU+Mobo is way overkill. A tri or at most a quad would have more than sufficed. You'd get almost the same gaming performance by spending under $1000 comfortably.

    Not only are games not optimized even for quads, a lot of poorly coded games actually slow down with all the extra cores.

    If on the other hand this system is used for apps that are indeed optimized for a million threads, most of those need a whole lot more memory than just 4 GB especially at that price point.

    Also, what can you realistically do with the 890GX/FX chipset(s) that you can't with the 870/880G? Or for that matter even the 700's?

    In any case, for any budget closing in on $1500, AMD makes less and less sense IMO. An 1156 system (760+P55) would have done nicely for gaming, unless you really dig AMD.

    I think the system is plenty powerful, but what I'm saying is that, you could've got similar performance from a much less expensive system or got even more at the same price point.
  3. yeah i heard about issues with ocz i was going to buy patriot but they sold the last one they have to a guy 15 mins before i go there and ocz was the best choice for me back then but i didnt have any issue so system before this one was a budget gaming system and after few years i couldnt upgrade it so ive decided to buy some futureproof parts and intel i7 was overexpensive to buy so i went amd and this system is for gaming(didnt even thought i5 :D).im using highest settings always at a game so what do u think?
  4. aluqard said:
    ive decided to buy some futureproof parts .... im using highest settings always at a game so what do u think?
    Hi Aluqard, the AM3 socket is not future proof any more. With the release of the new Bulldozer range from AMD, a new AM3+ socket is being introduced, which is not gonna be backwards compatible with the present gen AM3 mobos. So, to upgrade your CPU at a later date, you'll need to invest in a new mobo anyways. You can however plonk an AM3 processor in an AM3+ mobo, which doesn't help much IMO, apart from cases of damaged mobos where you wouldn't need to invest in a new CPU at once.

    I think malmental's CPU+Mobo combo would've been cheaper without taking any performance hit whatsoever even at ultra. In fact, an Athlon II X3 450 with an ASRock 770 EXTREME3 would've prolly given you very similar fps in the real world with the exact same upgradeability. With a reasonable overclock, it wouldn't have bottlenecked the gfx card.

    Also, the PSU is a bit overkill if you're not looking to xfire in the future. And with a 5850 xfire, will that be enough? I can't tell right now without an online calculator, but maybe :ange:

    You've actually got a much stronger system than the one I suggested, but for just gaming alone, yours is way overkill. Less expensive systems could've given you almost the same performance, but 6 cores sound way cooler than 3/4 I suppose. In any case, now that you've got this one, doesn't look like you'll be needing to upgrade any time soon. Looks pretty kick-a$$ as it is :)
  5. @ malmental - surely, that 380 watt PSU doesn't work for that system! What with all the additional RAM sticks, SSD, intenal card reader, case fans.... to go with a quad & a 5770! - or am I missing something? :whistle:
  6. i thought bulldozer will use am3 back then as everyone anyway thanks everyone for replies :D i was thinking that psu for crossfire i might still do cf time will tell
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