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So My computer just started cycling power off and on the past few days. I noticed a day or so back that when i shut it down and turned it back on the power would cycle off and on pre post and few several minutes it would finally fully boot and can normal.

Today it will not fully power on. Here is what I have tried

Pull each stick of ram -nothing changed.
pulled video card- nothing changed
unplugged everything using the PSU minus MBO- nothing changed.
jumped psu and the PSU ran fine
pulled out MBO placed on the MBO box and attached everything and powered it on- still cycled power.

----I unplugged the 4 pin atx connector and the computer will power on and run but once i plug it back in it starts to cycle.....

I looked and did not see any back capacitors...could this be a dying MOBO?

Computer specs
p6t mobo
5850 Video card
8gb of ballstix tracer ram
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  1. Most common causes are faulty ram or psu.
    Memtest86+ your memory and have your psu checked out.
    What and how old is the psu?
  2. It is a Azza 850w. I have a feeling it is not ram as it still cycled power with no ram installed. I jumped the PSU and it ran fine for a a hour then when I plugged it back into the mobo it starts cycling again. If I just plug the main ATX power connector it will continue to run ...

    Once I plug the pther 4 pin ATX connector is cycles again.
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