ATI CCC Video Settings not working

Hi when trying to configure my hdmi lcd picture quality when hooked to the pc im able to change picture quality by right clicking on icon and going to color tab, but when going into video tab none of the settings i change there change the picture quality on desktop or while playing video. Why is this? Using 10.5 and trying to make screen a bit more vivid, because I had to select pc mode instead of hdmi because it is needed to remove blocking showing on black screens but it looks less vivid but smoother.
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  1. bump.. someone help me to get colors more vibrant as they seem a little washed out but more like a smoothness. its not pixel settings as ycbcr and rgb provide pretty much same results
  2. You have unticked the use application settings box and selected custom as the preset havent you ?

  3. yes it doesnt change the quality at all though even if i select different presets
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