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Hello, so heres my situation. I recently purchased a fairly decent gaming rig. I'm trying to play starcraft 2 on my HDtv. I have a samsung 1080p tv, unfortunately the native resolution did not fit so I had to rescale. This new custom resolution fits nicely on my tv (1838x1028) however it does not override the distinct resolutions present in Starcraft 2.If anyone has a solution to my problem other then playing it in window mode(drastically reduces preformance) I'd greatly appreciate your responses.

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  1. Sometimes you can over-ride game settings by editing it's .ini file, other games have other files in "My Saved Games" that allow such editing.
  2. Thanks for the quick response.. Ive tried something similair to this (changing the pixel width and length) in the variable.txt file in the starcraft folder. However this doesn't seem to work. Its really unfortunate. I have to play this sick game in window mode instead of playing it to its full potential.
  3. Here's a link I found to solve that problem. It works great and it's not complicated, just fallow the instructions.
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