Eyefinity 6 card with 6 monitors none gaming

I have been reading through toooo much info on the eyefinity.
First off let me state that I am not a gamer, but have a need for 6 monitors at work as I am an IT manager. I was wondering if one of those Eyefinity 6 cards would work. I currently have 5 monitors all DVI running off 2 ATI HD4850 and one x1550.
All current monitors are 23" dells running at 1920x1280 extended desktop.
I am trying to figure out which adapters will work for MiniDP>DVI
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  1. I think they it will work just fine so long ATI's *** drivers enable eyefinity properly and don't cause any headaches. Most people eventually cave in for a High end Matrox of a Quadro but only the Matrox out of the two is problem free. For gaming sure it will be enough but for someone like you it is a better upgrade than just being able to use six monitors as it will use less power than your three cards at the same time being less noise. Imagine all that space you will free up in your case, that alone might justify the leap. So see if you can find any one using a similar card out youtube and start asking them a few questions. By the way what type of networking admin are you? Cisco is a pain in the ass.
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