Diagnostic advice please

I'm getting Blue screen issues. mem test reports an error as doe the W7 memory diagnostic tool. I have run Si soft sandra as well and that is reporting an issue with not having permissions for Large memory pages. Could this be what the actual issue is ? mem test basically halts straight a way and the W7 diagnostic runs but reports the fault straight away.
Is there some other utility I could run that will at least pinpoint the issue to the actual Ram and not the motherboard ? As I understand it these tools are reporting the whole memory system ?
I'm not 100% sure that's right which is why im here.

I will be upgrading soonish but was planning to canabilise this rig for a basic net box for my brother. I don't really want to do the whole buy new Ram and swap it out as its DDR 2. So if i can find out fro sure that its knackered I can bin it and get a new board and some DDR3 for him. Obviously if its just a setting that's wrong then I can save a bit of cash.

Thanks for reading

Mactronix :)
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  1. Hey mac :)
    Can you try your RAMs in another system ?
    Also,post your system specs
  2. Hi Maz :)

    Its strange it will run for days then drop out to blue screen three times in an afternoon.
    Cant swap out.

    Crucial balistix Ram DDR2 2GB x2
    Samsung F1 500GB
    Corsair 650 PSU
    555 BE.

    As its DDR2 I don't really want to buy new.
    Might just wait the couple of days for the Bulldozer reviews then swap out to a AM3+ board with some DDR3
    Would have thought we could get a program that said yes its the ram by now though.

    Is that right about these ram testers testing the whole memory and sub systems and not just the Ram ?


    Mac :)
  3. Well,AFAIK memtest focuses only on the RAM,so if it reports any errors,then your RAM is most probably defective
  4. OK cheers I guess I was just hoping it wasn't the memory.
    On a different topic is it just me or are you getting the number 14 at the end of each post ?

  5. I'm getting number 18 in most of the topics(It's a forum bug and will get fixed soon)
  6. Well that's sorted that any way, Bulldozer is so disappointing i can now happily buy some more Ram for this board and call it a day. Should probably upgrade to a Quad though, just while the case is out and the side is off ;)

    Mac :)
  7. Hope you enjoy what you buy :)
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