Can someone help me find the cheapest deal for windows 7 ultimate OEM?

Hello all

I am starting up a computer sales business where I build the computers and install windows 7 on them to sell on Ebay and locally.
Currently I am researching the most cost effective way of getting hold of windows 7 legally (obviously) but for a low price.
I have scoured the internet for the OEM version of Windows 7 Ultimate only to find that the lowest price I could find was on Amazon at around £80.
I have found another website called of which sells the OEM for £134.03, but it eats way too much into my profits. (from this I would only be making
around £10 a computer).

can anyone find a deal that is cheaper than £80 at all or is it reasonable enough.

I was planning on making at least £50-£100 per computer.


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  1. Maybe affiliate as a re-seller through the Microsoft Partner program.
  2. Thanks for the help. I am looking into it now.
  3. You are welcome. You might also consider working with or for an existing re-seller, where you sell your systems through him/her, and still make your margin + some for him or her.
  4. Ok thanks.

    At the moment I am going to be a sole trader.

    Just going to read through the documentation before I even bother registering for the OEM toolkits etc. :)
  5. hello. still need windows 7 ultimate? i have 8-9 set. if you need i could sell you more cheaper(90-110$). write: (mirbekka(dot)ma*
  6. sorry i dont need them anymore. i have obtained a supplier for reasonable prices between £50 and £60
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