Small Business Network at Home - Need Help

I have a network setup at home, where I find the transfer speeds inside the network to be qualitatively abysmal.

Comcast Business Class Service (50 down/10 up)
D Link DGL-4100 Gaming Router
D-Link DGS-2205 10/100/1000Mbps 5-Port Green Technology Desktop Switch (x4)

There are two offices.

Office ONE has only one DGS-2205 switch which runs back to the 4100 Router.

Office TWO has two DGS-2205 switches. One is connected back to the DGL-4100 router, and the other one is connected (is cascaded the correct term?) to the first DGS-2205 switch.

Transferring large files from Office one to Office two is very slow (computer to computer, latest gen iMac to latest gen Mac Mini)
Transferring large files inside Office two is very slow (Drobo FS is on second DGS-2205 switch, computers are on first switch (computers are Mac Mini and a Windows i7 machine).

While I do not want to become a certified Cisco Network Engineer, I wouldn't mind upgrading the hardware in the house to get better performance. I don't mind spending some coin on much better hardware to get the performance I'd want.

What would you recommend upgrading to for the Router, and for the Switches? I'm technical/have an engineering degree, but am not a network engineer (nor do I want to go that far).

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Is everything connected/configured to run at Gigabit speed?
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