Hello, i just bought myself a gigabyte gtx 460 1gb. When i install the drivers provided my pc goes to BSOD right before login, the driver version is 258.58. A rollback would be useless now because the gtx 460 wont work on any older versions of nvidia drivers. would i have to reformat and reinstall my OS (win 7 ultimate 32-bit). I'm sure this is not a hardware problem. thanks.
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  1. Have you tried newer drivers?
  2. i've tried 258.58, 258.96 and even the 260 BETA ones and they all crash on startup. I just bought this card today and without them it wont work.
  3. So what card did you have before? What are the rest of your specs?
  4. alright, im running a dell xps 420- Q660 quad core with 4 gig of RAM and thermaltake 600W PSU, everything is factory clock. I used to have a nvidia 9800gt which when i tried to upgrade the drivers it would crash the same way now that i remember. I could never upgrade my old gfx cards drivers for the same reason and now i have to due to the new card.
  5. Try pulling 2GB of RAM out, you don't need 4GB with a 32bit OS anyway.
  6. i've read that old drivers can intefere with the new drivers so ill try and clean them out and reinstall newest ones. If that fails, ill try your suggestion.
  7. yeah it still doesnt work. would removing the RAM help?
  8. A dodgy stick can cause issues as can a dodgy Windows install.
  9. replacing RAM and removing it didnt work :/
    man this sucks, i know my system can handle the card and the drivers but i just dont know what stopping it.
  10. Have you tried contacting Dell to ask them why you cannot update drivers on the 9800GT or this new 460?
  11. i will now, ill post back what they say
  12. Sorry for the extreme late reply, but everything was fixed with a re installation of windows 7. Thanks for the help.
  13. I'm glad you finally got it sorted.
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