My brothers computer wont start up & high pitch noise

Well my bro moved out a few weeks ago, i just talked to him and he said i could use it. Although when i started it up i heard it starting and everything was fine until 2sec after it started up.. It suddenly just stopped and shut down, like as if the electricity was taken off. I tried starting up again but the nothing happened. I opened the case and checked that everything was plugged in, and it was. Then i checked the electricity wires and the switch at the back. The electricity input wire at the back was quite loose, so i pushed it further in. Still though no starting noise and no fans started. The weird this was that when i switched the switch at the back "on" after turning it off it made this weird high pitched noise.
Also smelled a bit like dust, lots of dust, a bit burnt maybe as well, i am not sure.
I dunno if it normally makes the high pitched noise, but anyway PLEASE answer
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  1. sounds like psu had died try unplugging psu from motherboard hit the on switch. then plug psu back in and turn on again see if that will do anything
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