Crossfire versus multiple graphics cards

I do alot of professional post production of pro-audio files, getting them ready to be on a CD and printed, I do very little gaming - but when I do game, it's mostly strategy games like starcraft.

anyways i need 3-4 monitors to split the screens for the different programs I need to be running at the same time and I was wondering what the advantage is of using crossfire for 3 displays with the HD 5670 x2 or would i be better off just using the 2 graphics cards indivually, using my 32" monitor on one card, and my two 20" monitors on the other HD 5670 card?

PLEASE HELP as this is my 1st build in about 10 years and technology has changed dramatically, lol.
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  1. Do you already have a computer you are thinking of doing this to?
    if so please list your specs
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