New GPU for WoW

Hello everyone,
I`ve been playing World of Warcraft on my crappy laptop for far too long so I decided to upgrade my desktop and use it instead.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: I`ll be buying it in the middle of October posibly
BUDGET RANGE: around 250-270$ before rebates

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: I`ll mostly play World of Warcraft when the new Cataclysm hits the stores (I want to be able to play with Ultra settings @1920x1080 in 25 man raids) but I also look forward to games like DiRT3, the new CoD and so on (but it will be okay if the setting in these games are a bit lower than ultra)

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Currently it has a nVidia 7600 GS I believe. It was used for beta testing i.e. running multiple virtual machines. The power supply is 400W but I was thinking to upgrade it.

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: I have a Core2Quad Q6600 running at stock speeds, an Asus P5B mainboard with 4x2GB DDR2 RAM

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: I currently know just this one: . I prefer a Danish site or one that delivers to Denmark.

PARTS PREFERENCES: Not really but I slightly prefer nVidia since most of the games I play are made for them.




Well if you need more info feel free to ask and I`m sorry if my post seems lame but it`s the first time I`m using the forum for this kind of things.
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  1. GTX460 1GB should fit your budget quite nicely. But AFAIK, WoW is more CPU dependent than GPU. But for your resolution the GTX460 1GB would be ideal.
  2. Maybe I could OC the Q6600 a little bit? Won`t it be able to carry the game just perfect for now ?
  3. WOW is Server to CPU to GPU.

    No matter how powerful the system, it all depends on the connection to the server and is more towards CPU based, as i have i7 930 oc, 2x GTX 470s in sli and me grand father has an Athlon X2 4200 and GTX 465.. i get 15-20 FPS more, nothing huge..

    So a GTX 460/465 would suit your needs perfectly :)
  4. Is your power supply a good one? There's only a few quality 400w psu's that can power a gtx 460 rig, so you might have to upgrade your PSU.
  5. GTX460 1 GB.
    But you MUST upgrade your PSU first, get trusted brands like Corsair, Antec, OCZ, Seasonic, SilverStone with 500W minimum for a single card.
  6. Coolermaster offer a 5 year warranty on there PSU's - Good brand aswell.
  7. Ye I`ll figure the PSU first since I still have time until mid October. What`s the chances of the cards to drop a bit ?
  8. The 768MB version of the GTX 460 might drop more by then. The 1GB version is more in demand so its less likely to. Either one would suit your needs fine, but yeah, get a better power supply.
  9. i would suggest if you go 460 to get the 1GB, WoW due to draw distances when flying will fill up the ram even on a 2 gig card. for raiding it won't matter ebtween the two but if you wanna run ultra with max draw distances the 1 gig will help alot
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