[SOLVED!] System Image with an SSD and HDD -- Backup?

I am trying to find the best way to back up my files, while taking advantage of a System Image.

I have 3 drives:

1. OCZ Vertex 3 SSD - 120 GB (OS)
2. WD Caviar Black - 1 TB (Files)
3. WD Caviar Green - 1 TB (Back up)

I am confused when it comes to combining a SSD and a HDD for backing up to a single drive. (WD Caviar Green)

My SSD is my OS, and the Caviar Black is for my files. (Green for back up).

What I would like to do is put the system image from my SSD onto my WD Caviar Black, then backup those files to the Caviar Green HDD by I guess creating another system image? (This is where I am confused, isn't that like doing a double system image? Would windows be able to restore the Green's back up/system image? Or would I just do a click and drag backup to the Green..?)

In other words,

Am I able to backup my SSD's system image + Caviar Black's files to my WD Caviar Green that I could use to restore as a system image?

I am currently using Acronis True Image 2013.

What would be the best way to go about backing up my files?

1. Sync my WD Black Caviar 1 TB (with SSD system image) to my Caviar Green, therefore, the Green will always be updated with the Caviar Black?

2. Make a system image of my SSD, put it onto my WD Black Cavier, then make a system image onto my WD Green Caviar -- (Does that even make sense. Is it possible to make 2 system images? This is where I'm stuck).


Sorry if this is confusing. I am wanting to achieve the advantage of a system image while using 2 drives (1 SSD as the operating system and 1 WD Caviar Black 1 TB for my files), and backing up to one. (Green Caviar 1TB).

Just unsure of how I can go about backing this up to take advantage of the system image?

I'm open to ALL suggestions, thanks for those who read this!
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  1. To solve my problem, I tested out a couple different ways of restoring my hard drives.

    I found within either the default windows system image back up or Acronis True Image, the best way to restore the 2 hard drives (1 SDD with the OS, and 1 HDD with all the files) is to simply combine them into 1 image by clicking both hard drives to back up.

    See image:

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