My nics died or caught on fire.

I am running a bunch of Dell/HP 8 core Xeon workstations with Broadcom Netxtreme Pci-E cards for uncompressed film editing.

We have been transferring TB's of data between computers for the few days.
However my Netxtreme cards keep dying on.

The first one simply stop showing up in my HPXW8600 Bios and windows 7 device manager.
The second one started to smoke and lucky, I was in the room when it happened.
I was transferring files that were 8-32GB in size for a few hours, window task manager showed network utilization from 60-99%.

For troubleshooting I tried the following.

#1 Replaced Network cables
#2 Replaced Network switches
#3 Replaced Power bars and check power supplies
#4 Tried different computers than the ones above.

After doing this I had a 3rd card just die. (Stop showing up).
These cards were bought from Dell, but from different times of the year.

When I do network transfers I noticed these broadcom nic cards get super hot.
Do they not work pumping that much data for long periods of time?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. They should work! The question is can you improve cooling around them since heat buildup is the issue!
  2. Weird, we use Dell servers at work and they use Broadcom nics, and have several of them attached to SAN's that do nothing but pump data 24/7, and have never had them fail. Not sure what direction to point you on this. Possibly more airflow around the nics?
  3. Thanks for the answers guys.

    I have installed fan cards in the slots to cool down my cards, also I will be contacting dell for replacement cards. Still don't know why one of them started smoking and sparking.

    P.S. How do you post pictures here?
    You should see the fried cards.

    Take care,

  4. use photobucket and post the links.
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