Windows 7 720qm i7 cpu runs hot with adobe

Anyone having trouble with their hP 720qm cpu running hot. and the my cores % run high and any online video I am watching slows down or stops. Watching a simple 2 min youtube clip can heat it up...i can run all my other programs and all is find but when i try and watch something online after about 30 minutes things heat up and slow
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  1. The i7 laptop chips just run hot. I had one a few months ago and it idled around 55-56 C. They're good up to 100-105 C though
  2. Thanks for your reply. You are right it does run hot. Did phone HP and figured out that my power management that I customized was wrong. I set to default and all is good.
  3. please dont forget this version of the i7 is mobile, and in a mobile laptop theres less airflow in a restraint area, so most laptop do have the problem of overheating, even with a laptop cooler, it still heats up,
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