Memory upgrade advice re: Dell Dimension 1100

New member, novice at upgrades but have performed some basics before. Goal is to add some speed - using pc primarily for school (old guy in a BSN program with lots of online work) and for crusing some favorite websites. Completely stock pc, Dell Dimension 1100 purchased in '06 with an Intel Celeron 325 (2.53GHz) processor and 512MB memory.

Downloaded CPU-Z and it looks like 2GB done with 2 - 1GB cards is the max. So I'm looking at upgrading 512MB (2x256MB) DDR - Crucial suggests up to a 2GB kit with 2-1GB cards for $65.99. Also need a new CD ROM drive, drawer wouldn't open and looks like I screwed up some plastic gears that open/close drawer when attempting to force it open. Gorilla move, I know.

Any suggestions on speeding up this basement model pc is appreciated, including a new CD ROM drive.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's hardware Forums!

    Here are the specs on your computer:

    From the above, 2 GBs are the max you can install. Pay attention to the type of RAM.

    The CD or DVD drive has to be an IDE (PATA) drive. (The specs do not mention any SATA ports). IDE drives are hard to come by (old standard and slower). This is the only one I found on Newegg:
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