Crt monitor and graphics card keeps heating up

So i bought this computer a wile ago and am slowly updating it the gcard after playing for a bit heats up to 55c i dont know if thats high or not was just asking.(i have an nvida gefource 150 gts )

For the crt i bought lcds in the past and never used them cause i didnt like them so now i wanted to buy a crt i found one that i like but cant find anywhere to buy it (Viewsonic G225fb) but i think they dont sell it anywhere anymore

Can someone give me a link where to get a good crt for gameing looking for at least 100hz refresh rate 120 perfered
and if possible 17-20 inch

Ty in advanced :]

Also i use ventrilo to talk to my friends and recently since i got a new wirerless card it randomly spikes to like 5000 ping i dont know if the new update to windows xp but now it is very hard to communicate wile gaming
wifi card i bought is: Netgear WNA 1100
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  1. Just with regard to the monitor issue, if you're going for a CRT purely for the 100Hz refresh rate you're falling into a false economy because the human eye can't percieve any difference above 60Hz in games or anything else so an easier to get hold of LCD will be much better in all honesty.

    And 55c is great for your card, you must not be taxing it too much. Mine can get to the mid 60's in gaming.

    With the wireless card issue, it could be the wireless connection dropping for a fraction of a second and messing you up. Try with a wired connection to see if it cures the problem.
  2. Well i was wirered before and didnt have the problem so i duno and the reason i want a 100 hz monitor because for the main game i play counter strike(game is pretty much dead) it looks alot smoother with 100 hz but anyways iv gotten lcds in the past and just didnt like them they where both widescreen tho which is horrible for gaming

    one was a samang tv 22.5 inch 1080p
    other one was a SAMSUNG P2450H Rose Black 24" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen
  3. That second Samsung you mentioned is a really lovely display, i had its smaller brother and it was amazing for gaming. I still honestly can't see why you'd want a CRT but thats just me. I'd say eBay is your best bet for them but don't get your hopes up.

    The only other thing id suggest with the wireless problem is to put the card as far away from any other add-in cards as possible, wipe the drivers clean and re-install them to make sure you get a good set of drivers. Also make sure the wireless channel on your router is set to 1 (or something low like that).
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