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Hi everyone,

I've had a read of the reviews around the net of the 450 and they tend to be fairly unfavourable. It seems that the 450 won't enjoy the success that the 460 had but i was wondering if there are any of you guys who have got one and what you thought of them? I'm a bit of a system builder as a hobby and so im always on the lookout for the best mid-level parts for people wanting budget gamer builds etc :).

Thanks guys!
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  1. Hello
    I don't have it but judging from the reviews,its not as great as GTX 460 in price/performance ratio, because its performs between HD 5750 and HD 5770 and slower than a GTX 460(which is slightly more expensive)
    However,it performs quite well in SLI mode.
  2. Well i also don't have one, the thing for me is price. The stock card is looking pretty squarely at a 5750 type performance while the factory OCed cards are capable of beating a 5770.
    Based on prices here in the UK you can get a pre oced version for £96 while a 5770 will set you back a bit more some are still selling for £120-130 but you are starting to see deals bringing the prices into line more.
    performance wise its as usual dependant on games but i would go for the 450 (pre overclocked) just based on price.

  3. If you're looking for a single card solution at up to1680x1050 rez then it's a good choice. Anything over that and I say move along, nothing to see here. If we're talking sli, then I say it's a capable potent setup to 1920x1200 with some AA/AF/VS in certain games. easily beating a 460 in every respect and costing around $40 more. I do think the price needs to be around $110 for it to appeal to more people.
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