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I have removed the HD from my old computer which is caput. I have bought a new hp windows7 and want to transfer the files in the old computer hard drive into my new PC driveC I have boughy a spped master drive and inserted the old hard drive. HOW DO i PROCEED WITH THE TRANSFER
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  1. Since you bought a new computer from HP with Win 7, I presume that OS is already INSTALLED and working. Then you installed the old HDD in the new machine, too. In that case, the old HDD should be showing up in My Computer as a second HDD, quite possibly named E: or something like that. Is it there? If it is, you should be able to see on it all your old files.

    Now, transferring those files to your new C: drive can be subdivided into three categories:

    1. The old Operating System (Windows whatever) - Do NOT try to copy that part. You have a new Win 7 OS installed, and you don't need any part of the old OS.

    2. All your old application software - things like Microsoft Office, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop, etc. - cannot be just copied over. To work properly, these items need special entries in the Registry files of your new OS, and those entries are created only when the software is installed. So you actually need to have the original Install CD's for these applications, and Install them to your new HDD. Since almost all of these were installed before, most of them will object to being installed again in a new computer. You will have to contact the Tech Support people of each software package and explain why the software is being moved (installed) to a new machine, so they will help you get the jobs done.

    3. Your own data files - these are files you created by using those software packages. This also includes any folders you created in which they are stored. AFTER you have installed the application software and that has also created certain default folders, you can use Windows Explorer to COPY your user data files and folders from the old drive to the new one. I say COPY, not move, so that the original files are left untouched on your old HDD. If you ever have any trouble with the new copies (a faulty copy, or a missing files you forgot), you can go back to the old HDD and get it. Copying, of course, is simply a drag-and-drop operation. But you will have MANY such copyings to do.

    4. Eventually you will decide that there is nothing left on the old HDD that you need any more, and THEN you can wipe it clean with a Format or whatever, and use it for storage of new data.
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