Do low end mobo's affect cpu etc performance ?

Ok ive done a bit of googling on this and i think i have my answer, but if its all the same id still like to start this thread to check.

The reason i ask is... I was passing the shop where i plan to get my new build put together. So i popped in and told him what i had in mind.

Im after an i5 2500, 4gb and have just bought a 6850. I said to him im planning on going for a basic, low end motherbord around the £60-£70 mark {$90}.

So yeah, as soon as i mentioned the 2500 and this sort of mobo he said no way, and i NEED to be spending £140 {$200} ... AT least on a mobo for sandybridges.
I did mention then that it wasnt the 2500k, so wont need a board which will allow me to oc, and the system will only consist of 4gb ram, one sata hdd, one basic dvd drive and my 6850. But he still says even for a budget i55 build i NEED to be spending that kinda of money on a board.

He did go on quite fast, too fast for me anyway, and i didnt catch it all, the word 'bandwidth' popped into it a few times..... but basically finished up by saying i wont get full performance from the rest of the system, maybe like half the performance it should give, if the mobo is a cheap one. Thats what it will come down to.

So, is he right ?

Also, tbh he was fair and did say to get my parts online where its alot cheaper and hel just put it together {which i was planning on doing anyhoo}..... so its not like he was wanting me to buy a board form him and he was trying to pull a fly one hoping id maybe buy a £140 board from him.

So its just got me a bit confused now, and if he is wrong. Im having serious doubts about taking my new parts to him now and getting him to build it.

Thinking/hoping to go with either one of these two boards

Thanks for reading.
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  1. The higher end motherboards ADDS functionality to the existing basics of a chipset, not vice versa.
    You may miss out on features such as (previously mentioned) overclocking, intel based ethernet, *additional* SATA ports, mid board usb3 header, full SLI/Xfire compatibility, higher clocked RAM - all things which are more aimed at tinkerers coupled with hardware to take advantage of such features.
    Physically, you may miss out on heat spreaders on VRMs, "special" solid capacitors/chokes, other high end components - which (should) add to an extensive lifetime, not performance per se.

    The "bandwidth" he mentions is probably the lower clocks of RAM available on the lower price point boards. DON'T DESPAIR. The current bottleneck of SB builds (in gaming) are the graphics cards, not RAM bandwidth - i.e. more bandwidth does not equal better gaming.
    The "half the performance" is completely incorrect. 2fps is probably worst case scenario - maybe 0-5% is a good guess.

    If you don't know what a BIOS is, you should save money and buy the cheapest motherboard. Features are great, if you can use them!
  2. i going for a similar build to lubomir.
    i won't be overclocking and will get either an i3 2100, or i5 2400 with most probably a 6850, 4 GB RAM, one standard hard drive.
    I'm on a budget and won't be tinkering with the BIOS or whatever.
    So, should i just get a cheap h61/h67. will a micro-ATX be enough? I would like crossfire/sli but i don't think h61/h67 have it. so, there won't be any dip in performance of CPU, GPU, RAM with a budget board as compared to a high end p67 or z68?
  3. No H series Motherboard can use SLI/xFire. A mATX for a single GPU with no fancy bits is perfect.
    Performance is rather vague. Remember, Gaming and benchmarks/workstation applications are very different.
    Gaming difference: None.
    Workstation difference: Maybe.
    Benchmark difference: Definitely.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. And @ Matty ng_z. Great info mate. Thanks :]

    Hi, you will loose at most 2 fps (not really) in gaming when comparing a h61 vs z68 board, it's the same performance. but you wont be able to overclock using a non p67/z68 chipset board, but it doesn't look like you will be overclocking, so the mentioned boards will do just fine. That guy is just trying to milk money out of you :)

    See thats the thing mate, he did say to me to buy a mobo online and take it to him. So he wouldnt be making any gain from it. ..........Unless ofc he was thinking of swapping my mobo with a lesser quality one when doing my build hoping i wouldnt notice.

    ........ I hope i didnt comes acoss that dumb to him lol

    Strange one. But since then ive made enquireies to get my build done elsewhere.

    Thanks again.

    Gd luck with the build napoliboy. Good choice with the i3. But i had to get a quad core in there.
    Deciding on my cpu I went from a phenom 955> 13 2100> 15 2400> i5 2500. I noticed the i5 2500 {not k} was only £10 more expensive. So couldnt turn that down.
    Then the 2500k is only £10 more expensive than the 2500. But then the price of the mobo jumps up too with the 2500k.
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