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I'm installing a SSD on a new PC (and am a beginner sp apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge!).

I've now physically installed the SSD - now updating the firmware (subject of another thread) but how do I get Win 8 onto the new SSD?

I've been advised to install Win 8 fresh off the original disc rather than from the existing hard drive. When I've tried from the disc, it'll only let me reload Win 8 on the existing hard drice - no options are offered to load it onto the SSD. How do I get Win 8 on the new SSD?

Should I go into the BIOS and set the new SSD as the 1st drive - will the installation disc then allow me to get it onto the SSD?

Any suggestions very gratefully received!
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  1. I have the same problem. I read to change the bios from ide to ahci. I did but same thing. Windows does not find my ssd drive on the new computer. No one seems to be able to help when it comes to win8
  2. gcfalco,
    If your MB is new it will likely defualt to AHCI. if not yes change it to AHCI. you cna set the boot order with the SSD first but it shouldent matter you should be able to install to the SSD without changing the boot orderbut the DVD drive should be first withthe SSD second. when you boot from the DVD yot need to go into custome install if the SSD is not shown in there then you may need to load the controller drivers withthe load drivers icon. but yot relley should not need to dot ths. to reduce consufion during install you can unplud all disk drives withthe exception of the DVD and the SSD

    Is the BIOS detecting your SSD? have you gone into disk management in the OS to make the the disk active and format it? oy will not see the disk in windows until you make it active.
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