How to install window 7 in toshiba windows 8

Please help me to downgrade window 8 to window 7 in Toshiba Laptop
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  1. put in your windows disk/USB and boot from it.

    delete any partitions and format the disk.

    insert your GENUINE W7 licence key

  2. 1. Boot your laptop to BIOS (F2 key)
    2. Go to Security Page a Uncheck 'Security Boot'
    3. Go to Advance Page and change UEFI to CSM
    4. Back to 'Main' Page on BIOS
    5. Back to Advance page and select USB First
    6. Select F2-F10 normal key to normal boot to BIOS
    7. Save and exit
    8. Install windows 7
    9. Insert your GENUINE Win 7 Licence key
    10. Restart your Laptop And select boot HDD/SSD first
    11. Voila!
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