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This is going to sound rather bizzare however this is the situation i'm faced with. I have a homebuilt PC that has worked fine for a couple of years and then suddenly one day I power it up and rather than booting it continuously beeps and nothing happens. I can switch it off and re-try to boot it but the same thing occurs . . . . here is the bizzare part which i discovered by accident. I noticed when it does this (it has two dvd drives) the lights are on on the DVD drives as if they are being accessed, so i opened them both and powered down with the drives open and restarted . . . . boots fine. So when the boot failure occurs I open the drives and power off and on and it always boots if the drives are open. Sometimes when I power on with open drives it automatically closes them straight away, if the drives close the bleeping starts and it fails. Sometimes it boots no problem but this is getting rarer and rarer.

I presume this is a motherboard fault . . . . is it just goosed or does this in any way make sense??

I'm reading this back and thinking it sounds ridiculous however its driving me insane so I seek help!

Anyone have a clue?
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  1. Nobody has any thoughts? Other than take an axe to it?
  2. What kind of beeps that is important. List you system parts.
  3. Hi there

    thanks for replying.

    The beeps are long and continue beyond 10. I have not been able to count how many as when it starts beeping it doesn't stop until powered off.

    The motherboard:

    The Cpu: AMD Athlon X2 4200+

    4GB Memory (DDR1) (unknown brand)

    1x Sata DVD rom drive (Samsung, can't remember the model)
    1x IDE DVD ReWriter (NEC, can't remember the model)

    Nvidia GeForce 7600GS X2 in SLI

    2 x SATA Hard Drives

    1xCard Reader

    (i'm at work at the moment so can't give a more indepth answer)
  4. A couple of thoughts:
    1 - Power supply on the way out. What brand is it?
    2 - Motherboard. Have a good look at the caps for any sign of the tops bulging.
  5. I'll need to check the power supply brand tomorrow. I'll update that tomorrow and have a good look at the board.

    Thank you kindly.
  6. Another troubleshooting guide...
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