Can nvidia 9800gt or HD 4850 work on this psu

My pc specs are:
amd athlon 64 X2 4400+
1GB DDR2 RAM(maybe ill add 1 more gb)
nivida 7300gt

Beacause i dont know to say my psu specs ( I only know it's asus) i took 2 photos of it:

Please tell me will they work on it or should i save money for an entire new pc?
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  1. I'm sorry buddy, your PSU is just too low to run HD4850.
    Looking your specs, i would say save your money and build a whole new system.
    Don't waste your money for this old PC anymore, you'll better with a new pc. :)
  2. Yeah you are right there.
  3. If your current graphics card is connected through PCI express, there is nothing stopping you from connecting a better graphics card, although you need a more powerful PSU. Getting a PSU at 650W is definitely enough, unless you decide to connect 2 heavy graphic cards by SLI or use an crossfire solution.

    Your CPU will be a huge bottle neck if you go for a new graphic card such as those you noted down.

    So a short answer: get a new PSU or do as the above poster wrote: get a whole new computer system instead.
  4. 400W is the peak. It's actually rated for 350W. I wouldn't try to run either of those cards on it. I'd say that the best you can do is a 5670 1GB but even that may be pushing it. If you want something better you're going to need a new PSU.
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