Ok, im down to 2, can any1 tilt the balance please

Watcha peeps, due to my lack of knowledge on Mobo's, Im hoping someone with the knowledge can push me in the right direction

I am looking for a mobo to marry up all of my equipment, which consists of

Haf X Case, Phenom II x6 1090T CPU, HD6950 2GB 830MHz GPU, RipjawsX 4GB 1600MHz RAM

I had already purchased the Crosshair IV which has been returned & refunded due to a fault & now Im on the hunt for a new board

The PC will be used as a general PC ie word processing & web browsing etc by day, but by night, will act as a secondary gaming module but not much more as I dont do any photoshop or anything, maybe the odd video encoding, not sure if any of that is relevant, hey ho

Anyway, the two Im stuck between are the Asus Crosshair V Formula & the ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Pro

I have read numerous reviews about the Asus & it seems to really rock, however, I cant find anything apart from an unboxing video on the ASRock

Prices (best I can find): Asus $265 - ASRock $240

This is a lot of money for me to spend as Im really pushing past my $200 budget, the Asus is top whack, cant go any higher hence why Im looking at ASRock

Ive only recently got the 1090T so wont be upgrading CPU for a while, with that in mind, am I wise to look at these boards or should I go back in time & pick up another Crosshair IV Formula @ $195 (all prices based on £ to $ conversions as Im in the UK)

Another thing to consider for me is colour, I know it might sound stupid but due to my case having a patio door for a side window lol, I really want it to look the way I want it too which means I dont want anything blue, nor do I like the greens & browns of the Sabertooth. The red & black of these 2 (3) boards is ideal, although I do like the all black from Gigabyte (UD5/7) but reviews seem to be pants

Many thanks for ur time, & hope to hear ur thoughts soon
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  1. To add, I will eventually Crossfire but wont go past 2 cards & Im not bothered about onboard sound as I will use the digital outs as passthru to a HD AV Receiver
  2. I would go with the Asus board. I have used them for several builds and have had no problems.
  3. I was thinking the same mainly due to a lot of people having them & the ease to OC

    What about version, stick with IV or balls it up to the V

  4. ooohhh still cant decide, I really want Asus V but ASRock seems really good specs, are they a smokescreen, has any1 1st hand ASRock knowledge ? cheers
  5. The both seem pretty comparable. The biggest differences is 1- the price, and 2 - the ability to overclock. if you want to overclock the computer i would go with the ASUS board. I have always used ASUS for my main boards and have never had a problem out of any of them. I have no experience with the ASRock boards but they always seem to have a high egg count on newegg so i think you would be ok going with the ASRock.

    It pretty much should boil down to if you want to spend the extra $40 on the ASUS board to be able to overclock.

    Other than that there are only a few minor differences in the boards like the like the number of PCI Express x1 and PCI slots.
  6. ok, thanks for that, maybe the £10ish saving not really worth it but then Im still tied on whether or not to go with the IV, this is harder than buying a car lol
  7. In case any1 scrolling thru threads comes across this & has the same dilema, well I can tell you that with a lot of research & two'ing & throwing a new battle errupted & the outcome was dramatically different as you can see below by what Ive been & bought today for less than £310 delivered ($485) & the winner in al its glory lol

    ASUS yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah scream the croud, but wait, there is a twist @-

    ASUS P8P67 Deluxe, oh yeah, not even AMD, I went Intel & also bought the i5 2500K CPU, now there's a turn up for the books lol
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