Prices on Sandy Bridge CPU and Chipsets?

With the Sata II screw up and The Recall of the CPUs and Chipsets, Do you think Intel will have a sale on their items when returned or do you think the prices will be higher with the return ?
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    Intel will keep them the same. I don't expect Intel to cut prices or increase prices due to this issue. Intel is pretty consistent on their pricing structure and really don't waiver based on issues or AMD's actions.
  2. Why would they change the prices, especially lower. You do realize this problem is going to cost them alot of money right? Why would they want to loose even more. Prices might be higher as the channels will have low supply at first.
  3. Well, the suppliers or retailers may well increase their prices. They probably will here.
  4. 700 million or so to Intel really isnt as much as people think.... Come on guys, its INTEL. Anyways, I figured they might "Possibly" have like a 1 or 2 day sale when the items come back. I wouldn't see why not seeing that many customers are displeased and angry. Does anyone see my point to this? It really doesn't matter to me either way because I am purchasing it regardless. I was just getting input on my thoughts. Any more thoughts ?
  5. Well, it's not Intel that is setting the price we pay, it is the retailers.
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