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HTPC CBS/Youtube Full Screen White Flicker

November 12, 2010 9:32:34 PM

I bought a Lenovo IdeaCentre nettop pc with a dual core 1.66Ghz atom, 2gb ram, and Nvidia Ion graphics to use as an "internet tv." I basically want to get rid of cable by just watching Hulu and shows from their websites (ie- CBS). It's hooked up to a 46" Panasonic 1080p plasma tv. The htpc couldn't handle the 1080p resolution on streaming video, so I tried 720 and it works like a champ. There's only one problem that I have. Some things work great at full screen like the Hulu desktop app and VLC. The problem is I get a white flicker when videos from sites like CBS and Youtube are run at full screen. I played around in the Nvidia control panel and settled on a custom resolution of 1206X672 @ 60Hz. At that resolution all of my Windows 7 desktop fits the screen, but I still have the white flicker. I get the same result on Firefox, Chrome (my default browser), and IE. I've updated to both the newest versions of the Nvidia Ion drivers and Flash. I've also played around with the settings when you right click a flash video and use the context menu. Changing them around makes no difference.

I'm hoping I'm just an idiot and there's a setting I'm missing in the Nvidia software that'll fix this.

Thanks for helping out a nub