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After Intel gets back on track in Apr/May with its chipset is their other processors coming out other than the I72600K? Namely faster?
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  1. Not sure. The only info we have is that Sandy Bridge E, LGA 2011 CPUs, will come in Q3 of 2011. Some reports state that it will not have the clock generator on the CPU and instead on the motherboard which will allow for bace clock overclocking again.

    As for LGA 1155 faster CPUs, the 2600K starts at 3.4GHz and for those who have it, it is the fastest CPU out there, even compared to the i7 980X 6 core CPU. I don't think Intel will push a faster stock clock LGA 1155 CPU unless Bulldozer from AMD can compete with Sandy Bridge.

    Even then there might not need to be a faster stock clocked LGA 1155 CPU when the K editions are pretty cheap and overclock like crazy. Plus Intel can just drop prices.
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  3. Well I picked up my i72600K tonight for 279.99 from Microcenter. Just waiting on the re-release of the ASUS P8P67Pro here in the next few weeks.
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