No beep codes with 2 sticks of RAM installed


I have a new build computer that won't post when i install 2 4gb sticks of RAM
The Ram is the exact same kind. I have tried to swap the sticks over and they both work, just don't work together.
As soon as the two sticks are in i get no post or post error beeps. They did work fine together for 2 days before i got no post.

Strange. When it stops posting, i have to take the RAM stick and my graphics card out before it will give me error beeps, then i install them and it posts with the one stick

As i say, both sticks are working when i swap them around.

I noticed as well, once i do get it to post and get to the bios, the date and time is reset to 2010, the bios is resetting itself?

Antec 900 and 12 case
AMD Phenom ii x 4 965
MSI 870-C45
8GB DDR3 Kingston hyper x blue 1600mhz but it is only running at 1333 mhz
PSU Jeantech storm 700 watt

Thanks for any suggestions
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  1. cmos battery good?
  2. The bios change is probably a fail safe built into the bios so a person can recover from a serious hardware problem and be able to actually redo your settings to fix a problem. It will also loose the boot drive info sometime depending on the bios and give you a drive read error or no operating system found , if you have more than one drive installed. Only thing I would check is the RAM certified to be used with your system, being the same type don't help if they aren't able to work in your system.
    Good luck I'm also fighting an old problem of two sticks of just two gigs giving me fits. I can't change voltage settings for my ram and the only change in my bios is the ratio of 1:1 OR 3:4. Mine boots most of the time but continues to force storage errors on my drive and corrupts large downloads. One stick and all is well
  3. ref -
    I would use at least BIOS version 1.E (

    The 700W PSU has very little overhead of OC'ing either the GTX 570 or AMD x4.

    Make certain, read the manual, that ALL of the onboard switches are in their Default positions.

    Most MSI are backwards to most other MOBO's, in that the typically correct DIMM Slots are those closest to the CPU and use the SAME color DIMM slots - In your case the Black DIMM slots.

    If you want to run the RAM at DDR3-1600 then you'll need to OC the FSB to 240MHz or CPU-NB Frequency to 2400MHz.
  4. Yep, the RAM is certified, latest Bios. Tried using the Same coloured Dim slots but i get no post
  5. For now, 1 stick in Black DIMM slot closest to CPU.

    Lazyman's Breadboard or Full Breadboard (outside of case). Nice video, start around 13 minutes -

    You can try Lazyman's Breadboard -
    * Disconnect ALL Front Panel & USB Headers ; keep only the PWR & Ground <best> short w/wire.
    * Disconnect ALL peripherals including the Keyboard/Mouse
    * (1) Stick of RAM in the first DIMM slot from CPU
    * Unscrew both the MOBO and PCIe screws

    Pull the MOBO away from anything conductive and supported by a towel ; short PWR & Ground to start.
  6. Thanks Jaquith.

    I did that and have managed to get the board to accept the 2 sticks.

    I had to put one stick in the black slot and one in the first blue slot, working now.

    Strange thing though, if i open the case at all, my pc stops posting and i have to take all the ram and gpu out, insrt them in order and then it posts?

    Thats just opening the side of the case and not touching anything, i am going to put that down to a small fault somewhere and live with it,lol, still annoys though when i don't know what is causing it.

    Thanks to everyone that replied
  7. Still sounds like something is shorted. Having the RAM, 2X_GB in two different RAM DIMM slots 'breaks' Dual Channel mode.

    I suggest yo do a full Breadboard and remove the MOBO from its case and track-down the shorting.
  8. Did a full breadboard. I can still only install the dims in different coloured slots.

    In the motherboard manual it says this.

    DD R3 memory modules are not interchangeable with DD R2 and the DD R3 standard
    is not backwards compatible. You should always install DD R3 memory
    modules in the DD R3 DI MM slots.

    In Dual-Channel mode,

    make sure that you install memory modules of the same
    type and density in different channel DI MM slots.

    To enable successful system boot-up, always insert the memory modules into
    the DI MM1 first.
  9. IF you're using an Aftermarket HSF then try the Stock.

    Another form of 'common' shorting is from Metal -> MOBO contact; add thin plastic washers:
    Screw -> Metal Backplate -> Plastic Washer -> [MOBO] -> Plastic Washer ....
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