After inserting this card,what happened?

i just installed a sapphire hd 5670 as an upgrade from a 9400 gt.everything worked fine with 9400 gt.
but as soon as i installed it a strange problem dvd drive is not able to read dvds.the green light of dvd drive flashes for some time(i think for 90 seconds) without the noise which it caused earlier while reading dvds and then that green light also stops after 90 seconds and no dvd is read by it.
in my mind,it seems that earlier when after flashing light for 15 seconds when it actually started the humming sound of reading,the starting of that sound indicated me that dvd drive have started taking power from psu.......but it's all in my assumptions only and now when it does not cause that humming sound it can't take power from psu,maybe because psu don't have enough left after installing that i right or the problem is somewhere else?the system worked fine with 9400 gt and i'm sure that dvd drive is not faulty,i have checked it on another system.......
my system:
1 case fan
intel c2duo e4500 2.2ghz
2gb kingston
intel dg33fb mobo
250gb seagate barracuda

my psu,you may need to zoom:
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  1. 550 watts should be fine for that card, but just to verify, what else are you running? If you have a power hungry CPU, 6 hard drives, 6 case fans, LED lights, etcc.. you may have an issue.

    Just to check on things with the system, have you put the old card back and try the DVD then?
  2. i have already written my system and now it's not even running with 9400 gt but it's running with my other system.and before installing hd 5670,everything was where's the problem
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