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Education on Forceware

My understanding is that there has been a recent upgrade of drivers to Forceware 260.63.

I have a NvDial GTX 280 card.

What exactly is Forceware and do I need to download this driver or is this for another card?

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  1. I think Forceware is the chipset drivers for nVidia (for motherboards), not their video cards. So you would need that for your GTX.
  2. No.... It is all one package like ATI drivers. Just download and install it will take care of every thing at once for nay thing Nvidia related. I own more Nvidia cards than any thing else.
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    Forceware is the name for Nvidia video card drivers. They are not chipset drivers for motherboards. The latest 260.63 drivers will support your GTX280 video card. The 260 driver version includes a newer, easier install interface.
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